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Life is Funny....but not really...

So, life has been interesting lately. My family and Matt's mom came to visit this past weekend to look at bridesmaid dresses. They were all beautiful and I think I found one that will make all of the girls feel comfortable and pretty. On a later note, Matt's mom also mentioned while we were out (just the girls) that Matt's grandmother may have Ovarian cancer and that she was going to be tested soon. Nothing is definite, but when I mentioned this to Matt later on he had no idea. It made me really sad. She's 90 years old, but it's Matt's father's Mother.....death always makes me sad, and rightly so I feel. Anyways....not to keep with the depressing theme of this update by this past weekend you may have heard that there were a lot of fires in Rochester. One of which was at the apartment of one of Matt's teammates from his summer soccer league. The guy was pulled from his apartment unconscious and then revived in the ambulance, only to crash again in the ER, and be revived again. I should mention that he was not burned, but due to the extreme smoke inhalation his life in a serious state of flux. Since Sunday it's been a roller coaster ride. They currently have this guy on a machine that pumps oxygen (not a respirator) that while keeping him alive while his lungs heal is also killing him slowly. So the eventual goal within the next few days is to removed him from this machine and transfer to a respirator. This morning, the latest was that he went into surgery for the removal of built-up potassium only to discover that his tissue was so damaged by the smoke inhalation that they had to amputate both of his legs in an effort to save his life. The surgery was considered a success, but he still has a long way to go. Even though I've only spoken to this guy a few times, if anyone out there does pray; please do so for him. He's such a funny, goofy guy that is always making others laugh on his team, and it's just really saddening and unfortunate that something like this had to happen.

In other news, my Save the Dates are in and they look nice. I'm excited. Yay for getting married.


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Oct. 10th, 2008 12:59 pm (UTC)
yay for save the dates, and pretty dresses.

I'm sorry to hear about Matt's grandmother, death is not easy to cope with no matter what age. I hope she doesn't have it.

So matt's friend, what is his name? I'll say a prayer for him. That makes no sense about having a machine help with breathing that ruins a person's lungs. He must have been inside for quite a while to have suffered from such bad smoke inhalation. That's so sad, but at least they were able to get him out. Do they know how the fire started?
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