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Wedding Dresses....Le Sigh

So, today I met with Matt's friends' mother who used to own her own Bridal Shop in Spencerport. I was hoping to possibly get a discount if I ordered the dress I want through her, but by the time she goes through another bridal shop to get it...it will be approximately the same price so it's not even worth it. I did look at the gowns she had there though. She had this one dress that was very pretty, and had it been in white, I would have bought it then and there. The dress was "cream" which means it looked like a soft brown on the hanger. I don't know how I feel about wearing another color other than white on my wedding day. In the words of my Mennonite Grandmother: "Sarah, it will look like you have been doing something immoral".....makes sense, not to mention...even if a cream color looks better with my skin, my family won't get the recent trend when it comes to wedding dresses....soooo in other words, instead of appreciating the dress for its color and style they will slowly berate it simply because it's not white.
In addition, the only reason why I was considering that cream dress was because she was willing to give it to me for four hundred dollars because of who I'm marrying which is awesome, but...then again, I would be buying off the rack and I hate that. I also read a review about her that her alterations are not that great....I don't know, when I talked to Matt about the dresses he said I needed to get the dress that would make me happy regardless of price...(he's so smart....:o)...So is it silly to spend two grand on a wedding dress? Most likely. But who the hell cares..if I want a designer dress and I can afford it for my Wedding, then why the hell not you know? It is a lot of money and sure, it could be put to better use like a down-payment on a house....but I'm only getting married once, might as well make it one hell of a good party! That and let's face it...it is all about the dress...


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Aug. 9th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
The dress and the cake! Those are pretty much what people will think of when they remember your wedding!
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