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It's Not Me, It's Everyone Else...

Yeah so welcome to hell. I'm definitely bitching right now so here goes...
On Saturday some high-schooler stops in so that shay can do her hair for prom, she then asks me if I want to be on her summer league team, I said.."yeah," not really giving it much thought. So last night I decided, I don't really feel like playing.
It's summer league...no one cares. Well, Matt was all yippy skippy about it because he's in love with soccer, so when I told him I changed my mind he went into this thing about how he hated when people did that to him when he was trying to set up league play. First off, this is Women's League, age range; seniors in high-school through 30 years of age....Second, no one CARES! Third, I have so much disdain for soccer because of past experiences I have found myself much happier not playing at all.
I think he missed the point. Yeah, I might play a pick up game sometime in my future, but it's no way in hell going to be anytime soon. So of course, when he asked why I wasn't playing I said, "I'm over it." It's my little way of saying, I've grown up, and I want more in my life besides soccer. Me saying "I'm over it" to soccer is like taking Matt's baby and drowning it in a tank of water. He said he doesn't care what I do, but I know what it comes down to......he just recently started training for soccer again...so the idea of being invited to be on a summer league team probably has him jealous that I could play if I wanted, but pissed, because I choose not to.

WTF Mate.



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